Energizing Entrepreneurship

Strong local businesses that bring in revenue and create jobs are crucial to ensuring the economic sustainability of a town.  Because of this, HTC programs works with community leaders to devise economic development strategies focused on increasing entrepreneurial businesses. HTC works with community entrepreneurs to help them develop their skills and create their own business opportunities.

HTC helps increase a community’s economic opportunities, which increase residents’ desire to remain in their community. In a survey of one rural community by the Nebraska Community Foundation, 63% of youth surveyed cited career opportunities elsewhere as incentive to leave their hometowns. Developing opportunities for entrepreneurship and local business opportunities with HTC will help communities attract future residents and ensure a sustainable future. 

For more information on promoting entrepreneurship in your hometown, contact the RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

"If you think of a business model, the best way to generate more business is to start with the people and the products you already have. It works in the business world, it works in economic development and it's worked for us."

- Jon Schmaderer, Tri-County Bank of Stuart, Nebraska

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