Building Local Leadership

Through leadership training, HTC helps strengthen residents’ ability to improve and sustain their communities. Local leaders can identify the needs of their hometown and how they can help address them. They see opportunities for their community and help develop them.  Having leaders who take an active interest in their hometown helps ensure the future of a community. 

The HTC framework develops community leadership through informal mentoring and structured leadership programs. These are either designed locally or delivered through agencies such as the Heartland Center for Leadership Development. 

For more information on deleoping your hometown's leaders, contact the Heartland Center for Leadership Development

"Without leadership there is not much change. The HTC program in Garden County is developing the leadership necessary to create the future of our communities. It is being driven by people, including youth, who are passionate about their communities and see that tiny changes can solve huge problems."

- Tom Olson, Lisco, Nebraska

HomeTown Competitiveness
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