Expanding Community Philanthropy

HTC encourages people to give back to their community through charitable gifts and endowment building.  Endowments help sustain local civic institutions and create permanent sources of capital for community economic development. By contributing to their hometown's causes, citizens can ensure the economic future of their community for many years to come.

The Nebraska Community Foundation’s 2011 Transfer of Wealth study tracks the transfer of wealth in all 93 Nebraska counties over the next 50 years. Some of this wealth will stay in the communities it has been built in, but much of it will pass down to children who have left their hometowns. The Transfer of Wealth study provides community leaders with county-level data that will help them plan how to retain a certain percentage of the wealth that transfers from one generation to the next.  If communities can harness just 5 percent of their total wealth transfer, they will have significant funds to invest back into their communities.  


"We believe in the future of our community and wanted to show commitment to that belief by investing in the youth of the McCook area and setting up an endowment fund. The annual proceeds of the Anderson Family Endowment will be used to stregthen our youth and help solidify McCook's future. It is intended to reenergize our community to help shape the future of the community we hope they will call home for years to come."

- Lemoine "Andy" Anderson, McCook, Nebraska

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